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Pondicherry,Centric Services,Life Zone

You can see your regular trusted medical specialists without travelling to the cities

Pondicherry,Centric Services,LifeZone

No more travelling tiredness in reaching to your specialist

Pondicherry,Centric Services,LifeZone

No more waiting in the hospital queues.

Pondicherry,Centric Services,LifeZone

Well trained compassionate clinical assistant to help you during the consultation.

Pondicherry,Centric Services,LifeZone

Seamlessly connected high tech hospital satellite centers.

Easy to make appointment through phone call.

Secure and easy medical records digitalization and sharing.

About us

Our mission is to create a healthy society in a healthy world on a healthy world. In this journey to create a healthy society, we are striving to understand the real health needs our community and provide sustainable solutions. These solutions would be holistic in healing and make healthcare affordable and accessible to all. We see the person who is suffering and not just the disease which is causing it. We also see the impact the disease has on sufferers’ life and community.

All for Health. Health for All

Thank you for joining us in this journey.

We say to our service users: “Your wellness is our ONLY Priority”. This applies to all the users which includes patients, their care takers, doctors, hospital administration, NGO and other stakeholders.

Centric Services,Centric Services,LifeZone

LifeZone allows you to discuss non-emergency medical issues with a doctor through tele-consultation at a time that’s convenient for you. We offer access to licensed medical professionals for people who may not have access otherwise and connect to your required specialized doctor with shared preliminary information, symptoms, or concerns about a health issue that doesn’t require a physical examination.


LifeZone healthcare centre helps in converting your physical medical records into secured digital record. Your digital records are protected from downloading, copying, so that it is shared to the doctors based on the need of it with double authentication protection.


You own your medical data. You decide who sees it and for how long.